Robert Nadeau Shihan

Robert Nadeau, Shihan, is a key figure in the growth and development of Aikido in America. He began his martial arts training in the 1950's…more


jack wada, 7th dan

Jack Wada, 7th degree Black Belt, began Aikido in 1969 while a student at the University of California, Santa Cruz…more


Laurin Herr, 6th Dan

Laurin Herr, 6th degree Black Belt, began his Aikido training in 1971 as an undergraduate student at Cornell University…more


Ross Madden, 5th dan

Ross Madden, 5th degree Black Belt, began studying Aikido with Sensei Robert Nadeau in 1980. He has trained with other recognized local and national teachers, as well as studying at Hombu Dojo…more


Roy Johnston, 5th Dan

Roy Johnston, 5th degree Black Belt, has been studying Aikido for over 25 years with Robert Nadeau, Shihan. He began his martial arts training in Goshin-Do Karate in the early 70's in New Jersey…more


Joe Shelley, 4th dan

Joseph Shelley began training in the martial arts at the age of 14. In 1994 he discovered Aikido and began his study in the art under the direction of Patrick Cassidy Sensei…more