Membership Costs

Basic membership dues include unlimited training in all classes appropriate for your level. For beginners, this includes all Fundamentals classes, as well as the All Levels classes, and Sunday morning Weapons class. For experienced students all classes are available for the basic membership fees. Training at City Aikido is by mutual agreement and respect; there are no long term financial contracts to sign.

  • Membership dues are $125/month, paid monthly via automatic payments (credit card or bank account)

  • Students (Full Time) rate: $90/month.

  • One-time $25 registration fee, which is paid with your first months dues.


Enrolling (Beginners Special)

In addition to the basic monthly membership, we also offer a Beginners Special for those new to the dojo. This reduced rate introductory special gives new students an opportunity to fully check out aikido and the dojo for three months. This beginners program provides everything new students need to immerse themselves in the art and develop a foundation for further discovery.

The Beginners Special costs $345 and includes:

  • 3 months of Membership

  • The $25 registration fee

  • A free training dogi (uniform)

This amounts to a $100 savings!!