Children’s Aikido

Aikido is a nonviolent, noncompetitive Japanese martial art. It focuses on the control and neutralization of an attack, through non confrontational harmonious movement, rather than the destruction of the attacker. It is a great practice for children because it teaches them to deal with conflict in a calm, centered, balanced, and non-aggressive way.

Aikido teaches practical everyday skills that will help the student stay clear headed and focused at school, during sports, and while interacting in social/emotional situations.

Aikido works for people of all sizes. Aikido does not rely on size, weight, speed or muscle. In fact, it can be quite surprising how much power our children can focus when throwing an adult. Children learn respect for themselves and their classmates, self discipline, focus, coordination and confidence.

Children’s aikido classes expose kids to a mixture of formal techniques, movement skills and games designed to foster an understanding of aikido’s basic principles. Colored belts are awarded at the discretion of the instructor for progress made while training. The testing process is designed to enhance confidence and self-esteem.