City Aikido

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Uchi-deshi Program

The Uchi-deshi program at City Aikido is an ongoing project where students live and train at the dojo.  The goal is to develop as a person and obviously to improve your Aikido.  You will train as often as you like and live above the dojo with fellow deshi in a shared environment.  Each deshi has their own bed room.  The program is full at the moment but opportunities do arise as students move on in their lives owing to work and other life commitments.

If you'd like to be placed on our waiting list, please fill out the form below. In the message section, be sure and tell us a bit about yourself and why you feel you'd be a suitable candidate for consideration. The sort of individuals we consider are those who have prior Aikido experience or similar life experience.  What does this mean?  It might mean you have trained in another martial art or that you have a willingness to learn Aikido and are serious about self development and personal transformation in both mind and body.

As a deshi, you will help maintain the dojo and serve as an example to other students.  Maintaining the dojo means keeping it clean and hygienic and helping with the day to day operation of the environment.  This can mean showing new students 'the ropes', helping them get signed up and answering any questions they might have.  Additionally you will be expected to abide by the dojo rules, respect your Senpai (senior students) and help your instructors and Nadeau Shihan (our sensei) should they need assistance.

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